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Violi S.r.l.

Violi Srl is an Italian company specialized in the design and production of machinery typically used in the jewellery, industrial and metal recovery division. For 30 years, Violi S. r. l. offers a series of machinery developed thanks to a continuous research activity. The company has always tried with its product to provide solutions aimed at the quality that customers want to achieve. In fact, Violi is always looking for innovations and technological improvements aimed at getting to the quality that customer is looking for.

“We always try to understand which is the difficulty, this method allow us to develop patented systems on machines that are able to increase the quality of the processed product. Customers who turn to Violi want 'something more' and Violi strives daily to give it to them.“
Giorgio Violi.


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Wire drawing process with Violi

Drawing is a forming process that induces a change in the shape of the raw starting material through plastic deformation due to the action of forces exerted by equipment and dies. Metal drawing continuously produces long... Read more

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