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  • Design and construction of mechanical equipment
  • Realization machines for industrial goldsmith
  • Design and realization of industrial machinery
  • Machinery for the recovery of noble metals
  • Recovery equipment WEEE
  • Machinery for compacting steel wire
  • Machinery for crushing catalysts

Recovery Exhaust catalyst

An innovative and “eco-friendly” line of equipment for the recovery of metals contained in exhausted catalysts.

The cycle starts from the separation of the catalyst from its steel casing by using shears. Subsequently catalysts are conveyed into a crushing mill that allows to obtain an homogenous powder from which it is possible to take a sample in order to check the concentration of precious and noble metals.

The whole cycle is easily and efficiently carried out, in perfect safety during all steps, and can be provided with different automations.

All machines comply with the latest environmental and political regulations.

Crushing of exhaust catalyst Crushing of exhaust catalyst Crushing of exhaust catalyst

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