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Recovery of precious metals from RAEE waste

The recovery of precious metals from industrial wastes is a key issue for the production cycle of companies operating in several sectors, such as the RAEE sector, for which regulations impose the disposal of wastes that have an extremely high intrinsic value due to the presence of precious metals. For this reason Violi srl developed a line of “eco-friendlyequipment that allows to easy recover metals from the components of electronic cards, according to the latest environmental and political regulations.

In the first step, a patented machine for splitting components allows to separate components from electronic cards by using controlled heat process and mechanic action.

Through the selection of the components, elements that do not contain precious metals are removed (such as batteries, condensers, copper, aluminum, plastic pieces, etc); the others are crushed and then melted. The result of the process is an alloy ingot composed by all precious and non-precious metals. The process is easily and efficiently carried out, in perfect safety during all steps, and can be provided with different automations.


Technical Data Sheet

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Recovery of precious metals from RAEE waste Recovery of precious metals from RAEE waste Recovery of precious metals from RAEE waste Recovery of precious metals from RAEE waste

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