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Wedding Rings and Bangles Production


Machinery for wedding rings production

The production of wedding rings is a very well known process which evolved over time through the innovation of the equipments dedicated to that. The traditional system based on static melting machines, rolling mills, forming and subsequent processing, is now much simplified by the use of modern technologies which make the process faster and cheaper. Starting from a tube made with a continuous casting machine is now possible to get the right diameter and hardness ideal for producing wedding rings. Violi srl has developed a range of machines dedicated to the process, introducing innovative solutions for the goldsmith manufacturers. It’s now possible to produce high quality wedding rings quickly and cheaply, reducing the waste and the amount of metal required by the traditional systems. Through the process of cold drawing using the hydraulic benches series VM/TRI or VM/KTF10 kit, manufacturers can get compact and calibrated tubes ready for CNC machining or cutting machines.


Cold drawing

Is the first step of the process and allow to reduces the diameter and the thickness of the tube using the hydraulic draw bench mod. VM/TR10 or the kit VM/KTF10. The cold drawing is the best system to get very compact and calibrated tubes. Specific technical solutions like the truck carries pliers perfectly aligned with the hole of the drawn in order to eliminate any formation of bending effects on the metal structure, the speed of the traction adjustable and the use of the bench using a joystick placed on the control panel make the process extremely simple and fast.



The process is carried out using one of straightening machines series VM/MRT according to the size of the tube. The units are equipped with 5 hyperbolic pairs of rollers mounted obliquely and having an inclination opposed to each pair. The orientation of the axes, combined with the hyperbolic geometry of the rollers allows the profile to forward rotating. All the rollers are mounted on motorized and independent support flowing within bushings that allow the operator to modify the height and the angle of the system. Acting on the vertical axis is possible to adapt the straightening machine to several diameters and to correct the line of the advancement of the profile in order to create a process of metal stressing and to get products perfectly straight. Two motors with inverter and switch to reverse the direction of motion allow to control and adjust the speed of advancement of the objects under process.



The cutting process can be done using a manual machine belonging to the VM/TTM series or an automatic VM/TTF one. The rings are used for the last part of the production cycle.


Machinery for bangles production

The machines dedicated to the production of bangles have been designed to draw and cut tubes with big dimensions. Starting with a tube from melting without weld and with high thickness, it is possible to obtain a compact product with a high qualitative standard. The hydraulic drawing machine for tubes extrusion VM/TIE enables to draw the tube taking it to the desired diameter and thickness. The process is completed with the manual tube sawing machine VM/TTM, which allows to cut the tube to the desired length; the parts will be then further worked in order to get to the finished product.

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