MECSPE is the Italian reference fair dedicated to the manufacturing industry, designed to celebrate the excellence of the sector. MECSPE presents to visitors a complete overview of the production and industrial chain thanks to 13 thematic exhibitions, squares of excellence and neighborhoods to address merchandise that allow a better orientation for those participating.

This synergy allows visitors to discover all the news of the market thanks to a 360-degree overview of materials, innovative products and technologies for every area of the manufacturing industry.

During the exhibition Violi presents its wide range of briquetting machines dedicated to the compacting  of chips coming from turning, milling and other CNC machining.

Great protagonists are the ultrasonic tanks and hyperbolic tubes straightening machines. 

Violi staff will be waiting for you at HALL 16 STAND 06.

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The production of rings is a well-established goldsmith’s art that has evolved over the years, thanks to the innovation of the equipment dedicated to it. More than 30 years ago Violi macchine started to produce a range of patented and cutting edge technologies dedicated to this process. With Violi HYDRAULIC TUBES DRAWING MACHINES you can produce rings of absolute quality, quickly and economically, reducing waste and amount of metal required by traditional systems.

The experience of the company in the field of jewelry allows Violi to develop its know-how in the tubes drawing technologies for industrial companies. Several industries entrust to Violi to manufacture customized and hight performance solutions. Starting from the standard hydraulic drawing benches VM/TRI Violi can get to completely automatic plants with high quality standard components.

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Involved in the design and manufacture of machinery for the processing of tubes, bars and profiles, Violi Macchine boasts an important presence in the international market thanks to a wide range of high quality products dedicated to the jewelry, industrial and precious metals recovery fields. 

In over 30 years of activity, the company has developed a line of machines dedicated to the process of straightening tubes and bars of cold-drawn metal, with diameters ranging from 3 to 65 mm.

Experience, research and developing of new technologies allow Violi to complete this series of standard machines with manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic tube loding/unloading automations.

That is the case of the new automatic tubes straightening plant  that gives a a wide range of advntages to customers: :

– increased company productivity;
– improved precision in the straightening process;
– ergonomic management of the process.

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T.Gold is one of the international Show for machinery and the most innovative technologies applied to jewellery and precious metal processing. The Show points out the inseparable link that binds creative skills with technologies, whose innovations now involve every level of the manufacturing process.

Violi Macchine has been participating in T.GOLD for over 30 years, presenting a wide range of technologies dedicated to the processing of tubes, wires and profiles such as hydraulic drawing benches and multi-steps wire drawing machines, straightening machines and technologies for the recovery of precious metals such as chips briquetting machines, ball mills and ash mixers. Violi also presents ultrasonic cleaning systems and polishing benches with innovative suction systems.

This year as well the staff of the company is ready to present lots of news at HALL 9 BOOTH 197.

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The catalytic converter is an product able to remove polluting elements contained in exhaust gases of engines. 

It is a chemical reactor in which conversion reactions take place between gas and precious metals contained.

The three main metals are: platinum, palladium and rhodium and without these it would not be possible to eliminate the most harmful combustion products from the exhaust. 

Designed with an eye to increasingly sustainable production processes, the VM MC mill is the perfect machine for crushing metal-type catalytic converters.

Thanks to a hermetic system, it allows maximum enhancement and recovery of powders contained within them.

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